Together, the Combaticons form a massive Decepticon Combiner known as Bruticus. Onslaught forms the head and torso, the two fliers, Blast Off and Vortex, form the arms, and Brawl and Swindle form the legs. Though made of 5 different Deceptcons, Bruticus thinks and acts for himself, which doesn't always end well, as shown when he destroys the turbine of an Autobot Transport that is in the air in the level of Transformers: Fall of Cybertron known as Combaticons Combine! Megatron, however, put him to good use, which is shown again in FOC when he clears a path for Megatron in the level know as The Final Countdown, and again in Till All Are One, when he destroys the Autobot fuel tanks on The Ark.

"Bruticus online! Ready for action!"